7th Annual KVCC Communications Department Speech Competition in Partnership with the Student Strengths Development Office

10/24/2012  4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Texas Township Campus Commons Forum, Room 4230


This year's event takes place on Oct. 24 at 4 p.m. in the Texas Township Campus Student Commons Forum, Room 4230. The theme is "Strengths in Everyday Life."

The speech competition is open to any student who has successfully completed COM 101, Public Speaking or COM 201, Advanced Public Speaking and has completed the Gallup Strengths Quest Assessment. Speakers will present 5 to 7 minute original and personal speeches detailing how they have affirmed and embraced their Top Five Themes of Talent and incorporated them into their everyday lives, including academics, leisure, work and personal relationships. Each speech will be judged for interesting and insightful content, clear and effective delivery and high-quality visual enhancement. Visual enhancement using presentation software is expected.

The competition is open to the first 10 former COM 101 or 201 students who complete and submit an application. Each application must have the signed endorsement of the applicant’s present or former Public Speaking Instructor.

Prospective speakers can request an application from Communications faculty Pat Conroy (TTC Office 7204, pconroy@kvcc.edu) or Steve Ott (AWH Office 325, sott@kvcc.edu).