Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Public Safety Presents: Safety on Campus Campaign



Students and staff at all Kalamazoo Valley locations can be assured that their safety is a top priority. Public Safety staff members are highly visible and always accessible to assist with a variety of situations. They also have lots of useful advice on ways to stay safe.

To help increase awareness of the numerous issues related to campus safety, we’re introducing a series of articles on the topic. There will be stories in the monthly newsletter, Insight, and ads on the college website.

March 2014: Vacation Safety
• Always make sure that someone at home knows where you're going, when you're leaving and when you're scheduled to return.
• Never carry large sums of cash with you. Use credit/debit cards or traveler's checks.
• Never flash money, jewelry or other valuables in public.
• Share your excursion with a friend, especially at night.
• Don't get intoxicated.
• Don't go anywhere with a stranger. Never invite a stranger or someone you just met to your room.
• When traveling abroad, obey all local laws, especially as far as the use of drugs is concerned. As in the USA, ignorance of the law is no excuse. In many countries, the burden of proof is on the accused, and few countries permit jury trial or release on bail. Pre-trial detention can take place in sordid conditions and physical intimidation sometimes takes place.

Next month’s topic will be Outdoor Recreational Safety. Upcoming topics will include Distracted Driving and Social Safety. The series will continue throughout the year.