Public Safety Presents: Safety on Campus Campaign



Students and staff at all Kalamazoo Valley locations can be assured that their safety is a top priority. Public Safety staff members are highly visible and always accessible to assist with a variety of situations. They also have lots of useful advice on ways to stay safe.

To help increase awareness of the numerous issues related to campus safety, we’re introducing a series of articles on the topic. There will be stories in the monthly newsletter, Insight, and ads on the college website.


Are the buildings and homes well maintained?
• Is the area clean?
• Are all the common areas well-lighted and free of debris?
• Is there good street lighting?

Are people using parks, walking to the store and enjoying
other outdoor activities?

• Do they appear to feel safe?

Does the door have a wide-angle peephole?
• Try it out and check visibility.

Change all locks.
• Be sure windows can latch shut.

Make sure you understand all terms of the lease.
• Ask questions if you have any.

Ask for and read the rules of the building.
• Make sure you can obey them.

If you have a pet, be sure the building allows your animal.

Understand the terms of your deposit.
• Under what conditions you can break your lease.

Upcoming topics will include Buying Insurance
and Campus Safety.