Make Your Own Story Quilts at the Museum

02/18/2017  1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Kalamazoo Valley Museum


Textiles have been used throughout time and around the world to tell stories. Learn more about different textile techniques while creating your own stories at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum on Feb. 18. Using paper, fabric, and yarn, practice sewing, printing, dyeing, painting, embroidery, and weaving as part of this Hands-On Happenings for children ages 5-12. With your eyes only, go on a scavenger hunt through the quilt exhibit And Still We Rise, identifying each technique.

Create and decorate your own paper quilt squares to practice appliqué, reverse appliqué, and embroidery. Color a traditional quilt pattern. Try your hand at batik using butcher paper, crayon, and indigo paint. Learn how to stencil a design onto cloth. Create your own tie-dye fabric using ice. Sew a quilted necklace and weave a yarn basket. Add a variety of materials to make your design three dimensional.

Visit the traveling exhibition And Still We Rise, comprising 67 unique story quilts. The beautifully handcrafted quilts featured in And Still We Rise were created by an international group of artists from the Women of Color Quilters Network and narrate the history of the African American experience, capturing the stories of freedom’s heroes, ranging from Frederick Douglass to Mae Jemison to the first African American President.

The quilts of And Still We Rise represent their artists’ mastery of a diverse range of fiber art techniques, among them free-motion quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, appliqué, fiber collage, fusing, and hand beading. Reflecting each artist’s unique story, training, and style, the materials incorporated into the textile narratives include cotton, batik, organdy, metal, newsprint, beads, found objects, photo transfers, buttons, shell, wood, and vintage fabrics.

Use a pictorial scavenger hunt to find each of the techniques covered by the hands-on activities, and explore the amazing craftsmanship of these quilts.

Admission to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum is free.

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