KVCC Foundation Award Two Grants in October

At the October 30th meeting of the KVCC Foundation Board, two grants totaling $110,000 were awarded by the Foundation. The first award, a three year pledge totaling $100,000 supporting KVCC's Community Partners Internship Program and the second a one time pledge of $10,000 to support the college's ExpressWays Program. 

The Community Partners Internship Program is a comprehensive shared compensation internship program that will link the college, its students, and Kalamazoo area employers to an academic partnership. This initiative will assist in the development of highly skilled and educated individuals and assist in the retention of talented and trained workforce in Southwest Michigan.

The ExpressWays Program will initially target existing KVCC students currently enrolled, admitted or recently enrolled. The end goal is employment of low-skilled adults and students who may have dropped out of high sch