About the faculty success center

The Faculty Success Center at Kalamazoo Valley is dedicated to providing professional development activities related to teaching and learning. Our programs are designed to provide full and adjunct faculty with an array of information and resources as they strive for continuous improvement in the classroom. Faculty can also receive instructional technology related assistance from the friendly, helpful staff.

The Faculty Success Center is located in Room 7312 on the Texas Township Campus and in Room 075 of the Center for New Media at the Arcadia Commons Campus. Visit the website at: https://www.kvcc.edu/about/insidekvcc/facultysuccess/ or call 269.488.4164 for more information.


Kalamazoo Valley Community College is committed to enriching the lives of our students and communities through quality educational programs and services.

In response to one arm of the college's mission, to support student goal achievement through access to learning experiences and assessment, The Faculty Success Center is committed to nurturing and supporting all full and adjunct faculty as they strive for continuous instructional improvement and to providing on-going professional development opportunities which support full and adjunct faculty as they seek to create the most meaningful and effective learning experiences to Kalamazoo Valley Community College students.


Provide on-going professional development activities related directly to teaching and learning to better connect full and adjunct faculty to the college community.

Create a nurturing supportive college environment which supports all full and adjunct faculty members as they strive for continuous, instructional improvement in the classroom.

Focus the attention of all instructional personnel on evidence-based, best practices to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and students.