Sustainable Moves Committee | Storm Water Retention

Kalamazoo Valley Community College is committed to preserving our local waterways by our involvement in Best Watershed Management Practices. Some of these include:

  • Keeping parking lots and drains clean of garbage and other waste

  • Building retention basins to capture rain water and snowmelt on our campus

  • Installing green roofs to hold rainwater

  • Maintaining buffer zones along the river

  • Reducing and/or eliminating the use of fertilizers and pesticides

Why do we do this? Some of our drinking water can come from rivers, lakes, and streams. Being good stewards of our environment means understanding and sharing that information with everyone. Anything put on the ground has a great chance to end up in those same rivers, lakes and streams that may ultimately provide some areas with a portion of their drinking water.

As a society, we have to be reminded that we use our groundwater at a faster pace than it can be replaced. It is up to all of us to do what we can to practice best management practices and reduce our impact on our surface waters and preserve our resources for future generations.

What KVCC is doing on our campuses

To report improper discharges to storm drains on Kalamazoo Valley Community College property:

Please call Facility Services at 488-4204 is you observe individuals discarding waste into storm water drains, retention basins, or the stretches of Portage Creek adjacent to campus. In addition, if you observe any chemical spills or leaking automotive fluids in parking lots, please report to this number immediately for material clean up.

If you would like to be a part of this important committee please contact Ted at 269-488-4284 or e-mail him