Kalamazoo Valley Community College


Date: 05-JAN-12

Effective Term: Summer 2012
This program prepares graduates for the state licensing exam. Paramedics work in a variety of positions from ambulance services to emergency departments and industrial sites. Students will become skilled in managing patients with general medical complaints, cardiac arrest and advanced trauma care. In addition to class time, the program requires approximately 600 hours clinical time. Clinical affiliates are located across West Michigan and require travel to the various hospitals and Advanced Life Support services. The paramedic program can be taken as a full-time (3 semester) program or as a part-time (two-year) program beginning each fall semester. Prerequisites include EMT 110, or its equivalent, and BIO 110. All credits in this program apply directly towards the Emergency Medical Services AAS degree. *Please note that this program requires a specialized application packet. Please see the health career admissions coordinator for more information.

Paramedic/EMS Prerequisites Minimum Credits: 13.00

BIO 110 Anatomy and Physiology 4
EMT 110 Basic Emergency Medical Tech 8
EMT 115 EMT Clinical 1

Program Required Courses Minimum Credits: 44.00

EMT 201 Prehospital Emergency Med I 5
EMT 211 Prehospital Emergency Pharm 5
EMT 215 Introductory EMS Clinical 3
EMT 221 Medical Emergencies 4
EMT 225 Medical Emergencies Clinical 2
EMT 231 Trauma and Disaster Medicine 5
EMT 235 Trauma Rotation 2
EMT 241 Cardiovascular Emergencies 5
EMT 245 Cardiac Clinical Rotation 2.5
EMT 251 Prehospital Emergency Med II 4
EMT 255 Specialized Care Rotation 1.5
EMT 265 Field Internship 5

  Minimum Total Credits: 57