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Medical Assistant Application
Medical Assistant Technology

Application and Acceptance Process

The number of students that we can accept into this program each Fall is limited. Candidates need to apply specifically for acceptance into the Medical Assistant Technology Program using our Health Careers Application packet. In order to read the application packet you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Certain competencies are essential for success in this curriculum; therefore, candidates need to take COMPASS or ACT tests in Reading, Writing, and Math. If you need to develop competencies in these areas, you must take all of the courses recommended. Students are encouraged to apply to the program as soon as they complete the timed typing test requirement and achieve acceptable COMPASS/ACT scores. More specific information can be found on the eligibility page.

Applications for the Medical Assistant Technology Program are accepted beginning each January for the program beginning the following Fall Semester.

Completion of a criminal background check (Live Scan fingerprinting) and drug test will be required. The process to complete the background check and drug testing will be detailed once the student meets the criteria for academic acceptance (COMPASS placement testing or ACT Scores, timed typing test, and all application requirements). The cost of the criminal background check and drug test are the responsibility of the student.

Once you have applied to the college in general and receive your Valley ID #, it is advised that you schedule an appointment with an academic counselor by calling (269) 488-4123. Feel free to contact our Health Careers Admissions Coordinator for further admissions information or for a Health Careers Application packet. Click here to e-mail the Health Careers Admissions Coordinator. The program information sheet provides you with a detailed overview of the program and application process.