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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Some of the departments have complete listings for all of their courses, some of departments have partial listings and some departments have course information that is still being entered.  The online catalog will continue to grow as we are able to enter in all of the accurate course descriptions.

Kalamazoo Valley enforces college level placement in most courses. The required minimum levels for entry into these classes are listed in the table below. If you have not met the minimum in one or more of the placement score requirements for the college (see below), you must see a Counselor to develop a success plan and review your options.

Counselors are also available to recommend classes for any student needing help understanding specific course prerequisites listed in the course description.

Writing Reading Math
ACT scores 13 12 13
Compass Scores 25 53 Pre-Algebra 19
SAT Scores 17 18 15.5
ACCUPLACER 50 34 Arithmetic 24