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Academy Student

Academy Student


Admission to the Career Academy - Complete an application packet for the specific career academy you wish to attend. Application packets can be found on our career academy website at www.kvcc.edu/academies. Contact the Groves Center office at 269.353.1253 or careeracademies@kvcc.edu if you have questions.

Financial Aid - All of our career academies qualify for funding from the Kalamazoo Promise as well as education and training benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of our academies also qualify for various forms of financial assistance. It is important that students applying for financial aid complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov as soon as possible to start the financial aid process for the appropriate award year. Kalamazoo Valley’s federal school code is 006949. Financial aid options include grants, scholarships, work opportunities and loans for qualified students.

Qualification Review - You may be required to submit supporting documentation, complete an assessment test, take a drug test and/or undergo a background check to determine your qualification for the academy.

Interview - Most academies require participation in a structured interview for further evaluation.

Registration – Once you have been accepted into an academy you will be notified and sent a registration form to be returned to the Groves Center office. Contact the Groves Center office at 269.353.1253 or careeracademies@kvcc.edu if you have questions.

Payment – To reserve your seat in the academy, a nonrefundable deposit must be submitted to the Groves Center office at the time of registration. If you have applied for financial aid or a third-party is paying for you, make sure your payment is in place and pay any remaining balance by the deadline. Pay for your balance by credit card online, by coming on campus, or by mail during deferred payment periods. It is also possible in some circumstances to send an invoice to your employer. Payment plans are available for some academies. Contact the Groves Center office with questions.

Student ID - Stop by the Student Service Center when the academy begins to pick up a Student ID card needed to use many services. At the Groves Campus, it is required for some doors to access the building.

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