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Paying Tuition

How/When Financial Aid is Paid

Paying Tuition

Your tuition and fee charges will be paid if you have authorized financial aid available on your account. Please check your MyValley account to determine if your financial aid has been authorized to your account. Go to MyValley, then Quick Links, then View or Pay Tuition. If your authorized financial aid does not fully cover your charges, you will need to pay your balance or enroll in a payment plan by the tuition due date or your classes may be dropped. Please review the class schedule to determine semester tuition dates.

If your tuition and fees are paid, and your financial aid award is greater than the amount of your tuition and fees paid, this will result in a credit balance on your student account. This balance will be disbursed to you in the form of a KVCC bookstore authorization and/or a credit balance/refund. Depending on when the credit balance occurs, this will determine if you are eligible for an authorization and/or a credit balance/refund.

Winter 2018 Semester:
The earliest date your credit balance/refund could be available to you is Friday, February 2, 2018. For more accurate disbursement information based on your class start dates, please see Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule for Winter 2018.