50th Anniversary



Graduates, former students, and supporters of Kalamazoo Valley are encouraged to stay connected to the college and each other through the Kalamazoo Valley Alumni Relations Program that was formed in the fall of 2010.

Participation is open to all supporters of the college, although it is expected to appeal most to graduates and those who have successfully completed even one class at Kalamazoo Valley.

    Denise Thomas
Coordinator of Alumni Affairs

As a Kalamazoo Valley alumna, I am committed to the Alumni+ program and maintaining a conversation with graduates, former students, and friends of Kalamazoo Valley. Alumni+ wants to stay connected with alumni and friends, and continue to be a resource.

Once an alumni, always an alumni.

Our mission is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship based on a common bond of loyalty between the College and its community through an engaged alumni.


  • To engage alumni by communicating the progress, achievements, and needs of the College, its faculty, students, staff, and other alumni.
  • To involve alumni in the activities and events of the College to the benefit of alumni, current students, and prospective students.
  • To provide a network for sustained connection between alumni as professional resources, potential employers, and personal friends.
  • To include alumni in the development and refinement of the educational programs of the college.