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September 2011 Insight - Staff and Faculty Newsletter

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Featured Story Faculty Seminar Days Kick off the Fall Semester

Join us for Fall 2011 Faculty Seminar Days on Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1. All sessions are open to all full-time and part-time faculty, unless registration is requested. See the complete schedule.

Do Your Part to Conserve Energy
Our Energy Education program has already saved more than $230,000 since it began in February, which equates to an 18 percent savings in utility costs. Energy Educator Ted Forester said the maintenance department was particularly helpful in controlling heating and cooling systems, but everyone has pitched in to make the program a success. “It was a total group effort,” Forester said. “Everyone at Kalamazoo Valley should be proud.”

A few simple steps can make a big impact, especially when we all pitch in. Suggestions include: closing shades on external windows when you leave the office or classroom for the day; closing classroom doors during heating or air conditioning periods; turning off computers, including printers and monitors at the end of each day; and turning off lights when not in use. Please report water leaks, running toilets or dripping sinks to Facility Services.

Fall Welcome Table Volunteers Needed
Please consider volunteering at the Welcome Tables at TTC on Tuesday, Sept. 6 or Wednesday, Sept. 7. Volunteers play an important role in helping students get oriented when the fall semester begins by pointing the way to classes and answering basic questions.

If you can help for an hour or two, please call Sarah Hubbell in the Admissions office, ext. 4347, to sign up. Tables are staffed by two volunteers, so it is possible to sign up with a friend. As always, your assistance is much appreciated by everyone.

Registration is Underway for the January 2012 Wind Turbine Technician Academy
Registration is going on now for the next Wind Turbine Technician Academy at Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s campus at The Groves. The 26-week program begins in January and provides a fast track to high demand, high paying jobs. Wind Turbine Technicians play key roles in the operation and maintenance of power-generating wind turbines. A Wind Turbine Technician is needed to maintain every 10 turbines in existence, according to Cindy Buckley, Executive Director of Training and Development at MTEC.

For more information or to apply, contact Cindy Buckley at or 269.488.1250

Help rename Museography
Museography, the Kalamazoo Valley Museum magazine, has been completely redesigned. The next step will be to rename the publication. We welcome your suggestions. To see the online version of the magazine, Click Here and to cast a vote for a new name, Click Here.

Sustainability Committee
Kalamazoo Valley’s Sustainable Moves committee has developed a few webpages about the college’s green initiative. Your participation on the committee is welcome. For more details or to join the committee, contact Lauren Beresford at x1270 or lberesford@kvcc.edu For more information about energy conservation efforts at Kalamazoo Valley, contact Ted Forester, tforester@kvcc.edu or x4284.

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