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A directory of site contents and departments
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About KVCC Information about Kalamazoo Valley Community College's history, campuses, guiding principles, and other basics.  
Admissions/Records/Registration All the information and forms you will need to become a student at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. TTC:
(269) 488-4281
(269) 373-7800
Advanced Technology Center The Advanced Technology Center identifies and promotes technological innovations and designs, provides training, and furthers partnerships among business, industry and education. (269) 488-4312
Affiliates and Partners Organizations and associations which work with Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  
Alumni Our mission is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship based on a common bond of loyalty between the College and its community through an engaged alumni. (269) 488-4314
Apprenticeship Kalamazoo Valley Community College is recognized as having a respected training program since 1979. (269) 488-4873
Arcadia Commons Campus The Arcadia Commons Campus consists of three buildings in beautiful downtown Kalamazoo. (269) 373-7800
Athletics Information about the many athletic programs in which the Kalamazoo Valley Cougars compete. (269) 488-4395
Board of Trustees Read about the Board of Trustees, their vision for KVCC, and their Commitment to Excellence.  
Bookstore Location and hours for the KVCC bookstore, and the services it provides. (269) 488-4030
Calendar Important dates for the school year ahead.  
Career Academies Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers a variety of programs to put a participant on the 'fast track' to employment. (269) 353-1253
Career Fair The Kalamazoo Career Fair - Top employers come together to meet face-to-face with applicants applying for hundreds of jobs around Michigan. (269) 488-4401
Career Services The Career Services Office provides career advising, guidance, and testing for those who need assistance in career decision-making. TTC:
(269) 488-4123
(269) 373-7834
Center for New Media The Center for New Media offers career-based, industry-standard instruction for all aspects of digital design and web development. (269) 373-7920
College Funding and Instructional Expenditure Information Charts and graphs showing Kalamazoo Valley's financial statistics.  
Commons - Texas Township Campus The Commons, a holistic center of student learning, is designed to engage students in learning activities that nurture mind, body and spirit.  
Computer Lab - Center for New Media The Center for New Media has opened its own specialized practice lab, catering to both Macintosh and PC users. (269) 373-7925
Computer Lab - Texas Township Campus Located in the east wing of the Texas Township Campus, the Student Computer Lab is a peaceful and convenient environment for completing those pesky assignments or getting that additional assistance needed to get the job done. (269) 488-4250
Contact Us If you need assistance with the website or another part of the KVCC experience, this is where you will find contact information. (269) 488-4400
Continuing Education Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers a variety of programs to continue one's education with non-credit offerings in their particular field of expertise. (269) 353-1253
Counseling KVCC Counselors - important people in your college experience from start to finish. TTC:
(269) 488-4123
(269) 373-7834
Course Catalog The online catalog will continue to grow as we are able to enter in all of the accurate course descriptions. TTC:
(269) 488-4100
(269) 373-7800
CRC/EMT Department The KVCC Emergency Medical Technology Department. (269) 353-1253
Dental Hygiene Department The Dental Hygiene program prepares students to become qualified Dental Hygiene practitioners. (269) 488-4338
Employment at KVCC Opportunities for employment at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. (269) 488-4450
Faculty Search A searchable directory of KVCC instructors.
Financial Aid The Financial Aid Office provides numerous options for assisting students with the costs associated with attending KVCC. TTC:
(269) 488-4340
(269) 373-7834
Fire Science Department The KVCC Fire Science Department. (269) 488-4202
Fitness Center Where enrolled students, faculty, and staff are assisted in achieving their health and fitness goals. (269) 488-4184
Focus Program The Focus Program at Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers academic and student support to those transferring to Western Michigan University after completion of an associate degree. (269) 488-4779
Glossary This glossary will help you understand the college language.  
Groves Center Groves Center's vision is to work in partnership with local and state economic development agencies in assisting businesses maintain and/or grow their businesses. (269) 353-1253
Honors Program The Honors Program is a reading and writing intensive learning community that aims to prepare graduates to transfer to top-notch colleges and universities. (269) 488-4335
Hours of Operation Operating hours for our campuses and specialized services.  
International Students Kalamazoo Valley welcomes international students. If you are one of them, this is where you will find information and forms to get started. (269) 488-4281
Internship The internship program provides an opportunity to perform degree-related work for college credit under the supervision of an area employer and a representative of KVCC. (269) 488-4344
KVCC Foundation The KVCC Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization through which contributions can be made to both the college and its affiliated entities. (269) 488-4442
Kalamazoo Valley Museum The Kalamazoo Valley Museum preserves and interprets the heritage of Southwest Michigan and provides life-long learning opportunities to engage children and adults in history, science, and technology. (269) 373-7990
Library KVCC library hours, lending policies, and other information. TTC:
(269) 488-4328
(269) 373-7848
Life Resources You will find information available on topics related to personal finance, housing, stress management, time management and health. (269) 488-4825
Maps Driving directions and maps to help you find your way to and around the KVCC campuses.  
Math Center The Math Center offers walk-in tutoring for students enrolled in KVCC mathematics courses. (269) 488-4294
Medical Assistant Technology Certificate Program Upon graduation, you will be immediately eligible to sit for the AAMA Certification Examination which will allow you to practice as a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) anywhere in the United States and its territories. (269) 488-4144
Moodle Moodle is a Learning Management System - a special type of website that can be used to enhance a course in several ways.  
MyValley MyValley is the central location for all of Kalamazoo Valley's web services.  
Nursing Department The KVCC Nursing Department.  
Online Learning Take classes on the internet through this online extension of KVCC. (269) 488-4250
Phi Theta Kappa The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society has recognized academic excellence in the two-year college since 1918.  
Placement Testing The purpose of COMPASS placement testing is to help students enroll in classes for which they are adequately prepared and have the most opportunity for success. TTC: (269) 488-4100
ACC: (269) 373-7834
Police Academy The KLETC Police Academy is recognized as the leading Police Training facility in the region, consistently graduating high achievers. (269) 488-4336
Policies and Procedures Acceptable Use Policy, Board Policies, Non-Discrimination Policy, Civil Rights Grievance Procedures (269) 488-4434
Pool Hours and services for the Texas Township Campus's swimming pool. (269) 488-4396
President's Message A welcome message from the KVCC president.  
Prior Learning In the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) office, our aim is to help further your educational process by acknowledging the knowledge you attained through life experiences. (269) 488-4040
Program Guides A list of the academic programs currently being offered at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  
Public Safety Kalamazoo Valley Community College is committed to ensuring that every person involved in the Institution has a safe and healthful place in which to work and learn. (269) 488-4575
(269) 488-4911
Reading/Writing Center The purpose of the Reading/Writing Center is to serve as a drop-in tutoring service for students enrolled in KVCC courses.  
Respiratory Care Department Respiratory care practitioners are the health specialists who are responsible for the evaluation, treatment and care of patients with breathing difficulties. (269) 488-4288
Schedule Kalamazoo Valley's class schedules, online. TTC:
(269) 488-4100
(269) 373-7800
Scholarship Information Funding for scholarships is provided by Federal, State, Institution, private sources, and the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Foundation. (269) 488-4340
Steps to Register A list of steps that will easily guide you through the quick registration process. TTC:
(269) 488-4281
(269) 373-7800
Student Access The Office of Student Access is designed to meet the individual needs of students with physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities. TTC:
(269) 488-4397 or
(269) 488-4358
Student Employment Services Our mission is to assist constituents seeking employment and to assist employment providers with quality professional employees. (269) 488-4272
Student Handbook This handbook can acquaint you with the rules, regulations, and resources that can lead to your success. It contains what you as a student should know about your rights, your responsibilities, and what you can do to guarantee a quality learning environment.  
Student Relations Coordinator Here to help Kalamazoo Valley Community College students resolve problems and conflicts. (269) 488-4537
Student Service Center Location of the Student Service Center, and the services they offer. TTC:
(269) 488-4100
(269) 373-7800
Student Success Center The Student Success Center is a resource center which brings together campus services to help students achieve their professional and personal academic goals. TTC:
(269) 488-4040
(269) 373-7834
Testing Center The Testing Center provides KVCC students and faculty with an alternative-testing situation for makeup tests and for classes with instructional strategies that require an individual rather than a group-testing process. TTC:
(269) 488-4235
(269) 373-7836
Texas Township Campus The Texas Township Campus (TTC) is the original and largest campus. Designed by Aldon Dow, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the campus is beautifully integrated into its 187 acre setting. (269) 488-4123
Transcripts How to request a transcript, as well as information about the grading system and other related topics. TTC:
(269) 488-4281
(269) 373-7800
Transfer Resource Services Transfer Resource Services offers information, referrals and services to assist students in successfully transferring to Michigan colleges or universities of their choice during or after completing their education at KVCC. TTC:
(269) 488-4123
(269) 373-7834
Tuition Information Current tuition rates by semester and location. TTC:
(269) 488-4292
(269) 373-7800
Tutoring Center The Multi-Course Tutoring offers a selection of academic tutoring for classes not already covered by our Math and Reading/Writing Centers. TTC:
(269) 488-4397
(269) 373-7836
Upcoming Events Learn what's happening soon and what's happening now around KVCC with our News and Events page.  
Virtual Tour Learn what it's like to attend KVCC by exploring its campus and the surrounding area via the online Virtual Tour.  
Visit the Campus A campus tour is a great way to learn first-hand about Kalamazoo Valley's quality academic programs. (269) 488-4303
(KVCC Wireless Network)
Available throughout Anna Whitten Hall, Center for New Media, Texas Township Campus and The Groves Center. If you are not automatically directed to the login page, you can browse to wifi.kvcc.edu and login from there.