Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Darlene Kohrman
Campus: Texas Township Campus
Office Number: 7463
Office Telephone: (269) 488-4165
Email me at dkohrman

Courses Taught

Fall 2014
CRNCourseTitleBuildingDaysStart Time
12004MATH 094 Basic Arithmetic/PreAlgebraTTC T R 08:00am
11199MATH 096 Fundamentals of AlgebraTTC M W 08:00am
11914MATH 116 Intermediate AlgebraTTC M W 10:30am
12060MATH 116 Intermediate AlgebraTTC T R 10:30am

Winter 2015
CRNCourseTitleBuildingDaysStart Time
22919MATH 094 Basic Arithmetic/PreAlgebraTTC T 02:00pm
MATH 094 Additional Meeting Time or LabTTC R 02:00pm
22467MATH 096 Fundamentals of AlgebraTTC M W 09:30am
22481MATH 116 Intermediate AlgebraTTC M W 07:30am
22484MATH 116 Intermediate AlgebraTTC M W 02:00pm
23195MATH 245 Prob&Stats for Elem/MS TeacherTTC T R 11:00am