2009 Workshop Lineup

Miles Kusik

Mark Sahlgren

Jackie Zito

Zito, co-founder of the Kalamazoo Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra, will span the history of her instrument in her workshop

Rock Bartley

Nathan Durham

David Bunce

Joel Mabus

Mabus, nominated for the top award of the International Folk Alliance, will demonstrate how techniques of playing with a flatpick or with fingers produces different style of music on the acoustic guitar.

Gerald Ross

Ross will show how to play a jazzy, swing style of ukulele.

Ali Haraburda and Diana Ladio

String Cheese's Ali Haraburda and Diana Ladio will show how their specialties - the fiddle and cello - can become the melodic instruments for an entire band

Tivi Schippers

Songwriting for Kids

Instrument 'Petting Zoo'

Tom Dietz

presentation by Tom Dietz, the museum's curator of research, about Orville Gibson and the beginnings of the Gibson Guitar Co. in Kalamazoo.

Jon Moody, Patricia Pettinga and Bill Willgeng