Library Tutorials

Learn -- or review -- how to use the Kalamazoo Valley Library search tools for finding books and magazine articles.

The Research Process
A brief overview on how to approach a research project and how library resources can help.

Using ValleyCat OneSearch
Learn how to find books and other materials the library owns in our online catalog.

Keyword Searching
Become a power user of KVCC Libraries' catalog.

Video Tutorial
From the Kimbel Library, Coastal Carolina University.

Database Searching
Using ProQuest Central as an example, see how to effectively search for journal articles.

Internet Tips
Discover advanced tools built right into the Google search engine that will help you to more easily find the information you need.

Evaluating Sources
Become aware of what criteria to use when assessing information sources.

Creating Citations
Citing sources can be tricky, so know where to find reliable information and examples.

What is a Scholarly Article?
A short video that shows you how to recognize a scholarly article. (From the Kimbel Library, Coastal Carolina University)