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Animation & Game Art AAS

Animation & Game Art

Associate of Applied Science

The animation concentration focuses on storytelling and animation. It introduces the fundamentals of animation in preparation for a range of exciting careers in entertainment, software and game development, marketing, education, and commerce. Students are encouraged to explore the convergence of 2D and 3D animation, plus other forms of art and design.

Required Classes*
ANM 100Adobe Creative Suite3
ANM 103History of Animation/Gaming/TBM3
ANM 1112D Animation3
ANM 120Business Practices/Creative Careers3
ANM 131Intro to 3D Animation3
ANM 132Character Design3
ANM 142Adobe Photoshop3-OR-
ANM 143Adobe Illustrator3
ANM 171Video Production3
ANM 172Audio Production3
ANM 173Storyboarding3
ANM 201Professional Practices in New Media3-OR-
ANM 282Design Crew Merit Course3
ANM 219Experimental Animation3
ANM 250Digital Painting3-OR-
ANM 251Drawing Human Figure Motion3
ART 1012D Design and Color Theory3
ART 103Drawing and Composition I3
ART 212Life Drawing3
COM 101Public Speaking3
ENG 110College Writing I3-OR-
ENG 160College Writing and Research4
ENG 112Writing for the Workplace3-OR-
COM 113Interpersonal Communication3
MATH 115Math for the Liberal Arts4
Social Science3
Wellness/Physical Education2
Minimum Total Credits: 66

*The sample class schedule does not include additional course work, prerequisites, and other important degree or certificate qualifications.

*It is essential to see a counselor regarding your program of study to verify course requirements.

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