Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Strategic Business and Community Development

The Kalamazoo Valley Groves Center is home to staff, services and facilities poised to support business, workforce and community needs. The Strategic Business and Community Development division of Kalamazoo Valley Community College provides development opportunities in Kalamazoo tailored to improving the regional footprint through training, education, community classes and facility rental.

All of our staff work closely with employers and community members to ensure that our services align with the local need while keeping desired outcomes and budget as a top priority. Our core mission focuses on meaningful contributions toward assuring a skilled and well-rounded workforce and community – today and in the future.

Corporate Training: Overview

Business and community leaders turn to the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Corporate Training department for state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge education that is developed and delivered by renowned industry instructors. It is our mission to provide each and every individual with a custom tailored experience.

Our reputation for action makes the Groves Center the first place to call when trends are first noticed or a sounding board will help an idea to take shape. For example, when a large employer closed its R & D operations, we offered a local Entrepreneur Boot Camp and developed a Business Incubator to facilitate start-up companies. Another example of our adaptability was demonstrated when long-time client and world, Stryker Instruments, was in need of training.

We knew we didn’t want to train in house. We needed the kind of instructors that were used to doing this ―ideally someone certified by the software maker. And that’s exactly what the Groves Center provided us.

The cost of training through the Groves Center was very competitive compared to other programs.

As soon as they learn this, our engineers are immediately 30% more effective at their job.

This training is a must have for our engineers to be really effective. The five-day course teaches them everything they need to know to be immediately productive.

Engineering is critical because today’s medical devices are sophisticated and require technological expertise. To manufacture these in a timely manner and come up with designs that you know are going to work when you start manufacturing, 3D CAD software is critical.

This training has a great impact on the design and manufacturability of our products. Designing three-dimensionally ―seeing exactly what you’re going to get― that really helps us design innovation into our products.

Learning ProE software is daunting because there’s so much to it. But, the Groves Center’s instructor was well seasoned and handled are range of learning styles well. The Groves Center developed the course with us, they found a trainer that met our criteria, and they delivered the training on site at our facility.

Most of these engineers are going to use this software every day that they are here. Their training is essential to our business.

Training Offerings: Technical | Soft Skills | Leadership

On demand and driven by the needs of regional business and industry, Corporate Training at Kalamazoo Valley Community College delivers training that meets national standards, best practices and exceptional quality for businesses of all sizes. Top-caliber, experienced instructors deliver quality training at your business or at one of the well-equipped, Kalamazoo Valley Community College facilities.

Training is delivered using real-world scenarios blended with classroom theory to assure relevance to workers and their employers. Whenever possible, hands-on training is incorporated into the curriculum for maximum impact. In the past 6 months alone, Corporate Training at Kalamazoo Valley Community College has delivered technical training to include: Basic Electricity, Basic Mechanical, Blueprint Reading, Electrical Safety, Fluid Power, Lean Maintenance Technician Training, Metrology, Microsoft Office Suite, Precision Measurement, Robotics, Root Cause Analysis, Six Sigma, Technical Math, and Welding. Corporate Training at Kalamazoo Valley Community College also offers soft skills training including such topics as Leadership: Coaching on the Frontline, Conflict Resolution, Interviewing Skills for Employers, and Negotiating skills to name a few.


The Kalamazoo Valley Groves Center's was selected to support the region's economic development effort. You'll find us in The Groves - a 248-acre Business, Education, and Technology Park, owned by Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Originally opened as one of 18 M-TEC℠ facilities across the state, it was financed by a $5 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and with $6 million in matching funds from the local community. The 70,000 square foot facility is the result of a collaborative effort by the college and its area business, industry and foundation partners. The convenient access near I-94 and US 131 makes it an attractive venue for local and regional events.

Our mission for Economic and Business Development is fulfilled through workforce training, corporate training services and by offering the facility for business meeting and events. When you need professional development in Kalamazoo, we have the solutions!


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