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CAD Specialist Required Classes

CAD Specialist


Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) certificate prepares students for entry level CAD Operator occupations. The student will gain experience with in-demand CAD software along with fundamental design skills for the mechanical drafting field. Software training will include AutoCAD, Pro/E (Pro Engineer) and SolidWorks or Inventor. Students can expect to gain crucial job related skills in subjects such as technical drawing (which include dimensioning and detailing), manufacturing processes, architectural drafting, simple mechanism concepts, and teamwork. Upon graduation, students will qualify for a variety of entry-level CAD occupations requiring fundamental design skills, AutoCAD, Pro/E, SolidWorks, or Inventor software.

Computer Aided Design and Student
Required Classes*
CIS 100Beginning Computer Skills2
EDMT 101Trends in Manufacturing3
EDMT 130Technical Drawing w/AutoCAD4
EDMT 135AutoCAD3
EDMT 140Production Drafting/GD & T3
EDMT 145Descriptive Geometry3
EDMT 183Introduction to Revit3
EDMT 165Inventor3-OR-
EDMT 171SolidWorks3-AND-
MATH 106Technical Math4
Minimum Total Credits: 32

*It is essential to see a counselor regarding your program of study to verify course requirements.

To make an appointment, call 269.488.4100 (TTC) or 269.373.7800 (ACC).