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Machinist Required Classes



This certificate program prepares students to enter the job market as a machinist, toolmaker, mold-maker, or die-maker trainee. Earning a certificate is the first step in entering the machine tool trade. Students should consider obtaining an AAS degree to advance in their career. All credits in this program apply directly towards the machine tool technology AAS degree.

Required Classes*
Program Required Courses:Minimum Credits: 30
CIS 100Beginning Computer Skills2
EDMT 100Fundamentals of Tech Drawing3
EDMT 103Fundamentals of Machine Tool Operations4
EDMT 105Advanced Machine Tool Operations I3
EDMT 201Tool Construction3
EDMT 220Numerical Control Concepts4
EMDT 230Computer Aided Manufacturing w/MasterCAM4
ENG 110 College Writing I 3
MATH 106Technical Mathematics4
Program Elective Courses:Minimum Credits: 2
EDMT 101Trends in Manufacturing 3
EDMT 205 Plastics Tooling Construction 3
EDMT 221 Advanced Numerical Control 3
EDMT 240 Machine Repair 2
WELD 120 Introduction to Welding 3
Minimum Total Credits: 32

*It is essential to see a counselor regarding your program of study to verify course requirements.

To make an appointment, call 269.488.4100 (TTC) or 269.373.7800 (ACC).