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Earn While You Learn with MAT2       
Mechatronics at Kalamazoo Valley

Land a well-paying position in a manufacturing or technology-related career without the expense of tuition with MAT2 at Kalamazoo Valley!

Today’s advanced manufacturing employees have cutting-edge careers using 3-D models, computer simulations, software development and more. MAT2 provides a career pathway to success for students as they alternate between classroom training and on the job, paid work experience.

Career Options Include:

Mechatronics Technician - A combination of electrical, mechanical, and electronic skills used to identify, analyze, and solve systems-based problems. Mechatronic technicians support engineers, modify machines, make minor changes, repair, test and provide equipment maintenance.

The need for advanced manufacturing employees is expected to remain strong as baby boomers retire, with more than 100,000 job openings anticipated in Michigan through 2024. Average wages for full-time jobs in this arena are $23.37 an hour, according to Dean of Instruction for Business, Professional Trades and Public Services at Kalamazoo Valley, Suzanne Gardner. “By working together, we can help create and fill a pipeline of talent with in-demand skills while helping West Michigan businesses grow and thrive.”

Benefits Include:
  • College tuition paid for by an employer
  • Associate degree completion
  • On-the-job training with pay
  • Employment opportunities after graduation from the program

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