Apprenticeship Information

What is an apprenticeship?

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Apprenticeship Program is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship, and the Michigan State Department of Education.

the Benefits of Apprenticeship

The employer benefits by...

Your Apprenticeship Training Partner

Kalamazoo Valley Community College is recognized as having a respected training program since 1979.

Our service to the employer includes...

Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Program the apprentice will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and an Apprenticeship Certificate of Completion issued by the US Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.

Possible Trades and Occupations Listed below are some trades and occupations for which the college offers apprenticeship instruction:

If your company is interested in training for skilled trades but not an official Office of Apprenticeship program, Kalamazoo Valley Community College can develop an individualized program of instruction for your employees.