Kalamazoo Valley Community College

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TRS 100 Career Decision Making Course Description(see current activities website page)

Exploratory Class:
 If you are not positive about your career path, a good option is to take introductory classes in the career pathway you are leaning towards to either confirm or reject that possibility.  You can discuss with your counselor possible classes that would give you a chance to explore different career areas.  (For contact information click here)

Volunteer/Service Learning Experiences:
 You can explore your career interests by doing volunteer work.  Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to increase your career options and build your resume while making a contribution to your local community. For more volunteer and service learning experiences visit Student Employment Services http://employment.kvcc.edu  to check out a wide range of opportunities. 

Join an Organization:
KVCC has opportunities for you to be involved with various student activities and organizations. Being involved in different organizations is a way to build your social network and increase your transferable skills for future employment. For more information visit https://www.kvcc.edu/services/successcenter/StudentActivities.htm  .

Researching Careers:
You can read about careers using the career resources found on-line at the website https://www.kvcc.edu/services/career/resources.htm  .