Student Relations Coordinator

Meet your Student Relations Coordinator

Russ Panico


here to help Kalamazoo Valley Community College
students resolve problems and conflicts


Texas Township Campus Room 6216
Phone: 269.488.4393/4537

What can the Student Relations Coordinator do for you?

  • Listen and discuss your problem, identifying and evaluating options for resolution
  • Provide information on student resources within the college
  • Open avenues of communication, investigate complaints, and gather information necessary to resolve the problem or refer to the appropriate college resource

With a non-disciplinary student issue, I will serve as a neutral party to solve the problem. I will not take sides, but work to achieve a fair outcome.

With a disciplinary student issue, I will seek resolution in a timely and equitable manner consistent with the student handbook.

Confidentiality will be kept unless the issue also needs the attention of other resources within the college for resolution.