50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary
From a humble beginning in pre-fabricated classrooms to four expansive campus locations, Kalamazoo Valley has grown and evolved to serve the ever-changing needs of students, their families, employers, and the community.

We are proud to join with you to celebrate 50 years and look forward to what the future holds!
In the early 1960s, leaders in the Kalamazoo community shared a growing concern over a lack of vocational training opportunities to prepare young people for the increasingly technical jobs of the day. They were also looking for a way to improve overall access to college. Clearly, the educational needs of the community were not being fully met.

In response, a citizens committee was organized in 1964 and its findings, released in early 1966, recommended the creation of a community college to serve the Kalamazoo area. On August 1, 1966, the citizens of nine school districts in Kalamazoo and in surrounding communities voted to establish a new community college, levy a 1.5 mil tax to support it, and elect six trustees. And so began the story of Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

As Kalamazoo Valley celebrates its 50th anniversary of service to the community, it is worthwhile to look back and recall the changes that have created the multi-faceted institution of today.

A Place To Begin (1966-76)

With the selection of an official name - Kalamazoo Valley Community College - and establishment of temporary offices in the Oakwood Plaza, the work of creating a new community college began in earnest in late 1966. After electing officers and adopting bylaws, the Board of Trustees focused on its highest priority, hiring a founding president.

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