KVCC Foundation Launches 2010 Annual Campaign Appeal

Today, November 12, 2010 the KVCC Foundation began its 2010/11 appeal with its annual fund campaign drive mailing.

The Foundation established a goal of $42,000 for this year drive to assist in the continuing need for scholarship dollars to those qualified students requiring financial assistance. Steve Doherty, Executive Director of the KVCC Foundation commented, “there remains a great need for the financial support of higher education overall. Funding from Federal Government resources are still available on a diminishing basis, state dollars have all but dried up, local millage’s are on a decline and nationwide, giving is down 11% and we are asking for help”.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College opened its doors in 1966 with 1,518 students, and now 44 years later with an enrollment of over 14,000, we continue to serve this growing community by offering six career pathways that include 103 different programs of study.

At the forefront of education statewide, with innovative programs and learning techniques that are continually changing and improving, community college remains a viable means of education and KVCC, a valuable resource of this community. With 1,275 degrees and certificates awarded annually, both traditional and non-traditional students alike continue to pursue their educational goals in hope of becoming a productive member of society and of our workforce.

“We are dedicated to continually provide the level of education that is expected of us, with state of the art classrooms, educational tools, the best teachers, desirable essential programming in the best possible learning environment and at an affordable price” said Doherty, “and the annual fund campaign will help us do that”.