Campus Security Overview



Kalamazoo Valley Public Safety Department is committed to the protection of life and property by providing a safe and secure learning and working environment through the enforcement of local, federal, and state laws, and the college’s rules and regulations.

Public Safety provides services 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, 365 days-a-year on TTC and during ACC hours.

Kalamazoo Valley has a Public Safety Department whose members are both sworn police officers and non-sworn security officers. The sworn members are police officers certified by the State of Michigan. They have the same enforcement powers to make arrests and enforce traffic laws as any other Michigan law enforcement officer.

Members of the department assist with jump starts, lockouts, general motorist assists, and medical emergencies. If you are the victim of or witness a crime on campus, contact Public Safety for assistance.

The Public Safety Office is located in Room 5120 at TTC, Room 113 at ACC, and Room 131 at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

Lost and found is housed in Public Safety. Those wishing to inquire or claim a lost item should go to the Public Safety office at the appropriate location.

Public Safety’s contact number for TTC is 269-488-4131 and ACC 269-373-7854. Emergency phone are located throughout the campus. Outside emergency phones can be identified by blue lights, and inside emergency phones can be identified by red receivers.

Ensuring the safety and peace of mind of those on campus, Public Safety, upon request, provides escorts to vehicles for students and staff. Call Public Safety or use an emergency phone for an escort.

The Complaint Log and the Clery Crime Reports are available on line at or at the TTC Public Safety Office.