"Picture This" on Feb. 11 at the KVM



How will you be remembered? Perhaps you post family pictures on Facebook, hang school pictures of your kids on your wall or you have their art work attached to the refrigerator. There are lots of ways to capture pictures of your family members. In the Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Feb. 11 hands-on program Picture This children will have an opportunity to create self-portraits using ink, markers, paint, pencils, and paper. From silhouettes to thumb prints, paper collages, to solar prints and cartoons, children can create all kinds of pictures of themselves. Ten different crafts will be available on the first floor of the museum for families to drop by and create their own family art. The activity is geared to children age five and up.

Patrons may also participate in a cooperative portrait which will be hung on the wall in the tower for other visitors to enjoy. The tower wall was designed to share community projects. "These will be old fashioned tri-fold portraits where one visitor draws the head, and another the shirt, and another the pants, all without seeing what the rest of the parts looks like," said Annette Hoppenworth, the museum program coordinator.

Be sure to see the new exhibit Remember Me: Civil War Portraits, February 4-June 17, and take a picture of your family in a Civil War painting.

The Hands-on program Picture This and admission to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum is free. Check the Museum website, www.kalamazoomuseum.org, for a listing of planetarium shows that will be playing each day for a small fee of $3 per person. The Museum is located at 230 North Rose in downtown Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is operated by Kalamazoo Valley Community College and governed by its Board of Trustees.