An Earth Day Film and Webinar: The Island President

04/22/2013  12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Texas Township Campus and Arcadia Commons Campus


Film showing will be followed by a webinar
including Jon Shenk, the Director of the
documentary, May Boeve, Executive Director
of, and Thilmeeza Hussain, former
United Nations deputy permanent
representative to the Maldives.

Texas Township Campus: Monday, April 22 • 12–1:45pm
Commons Theater • Room 4240

Arcadia Commons Campus • Monday, April 22 • 4–5:45pm
Room 128

What would you do if you were President of a country threatened with extinction due to rising sea levels? This is not a plot for another apocalyptic movie. Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives faced that dilemma. His response to this crisis is chronicled in the documentary film The Island President. It will be shown at both campuses on Earth Day, Monday, April 22.
The Maldives is a string of 1,200 islands off the coast of India, home to about 300,000 people. The highest point in the country is only a few feet above sea level. The melting of glaciers at the north and south poles, ice loss in Greenland and West Antarctica, and the warming of ocean waters is causing sea levels to rise. Countries like the Maldives along with the coasts of the United States will suffer dire consequences.
Rapid rising sea levels can have devastating effects on coastal habitats and lead to powerful storm surges that can strip away everything in their path when large storms hit land.
In addition, heavily populated areas become increasingly vulnerable to flooding, and low-lying islands such as the Maldives could be submerged completely.
Rising sea levels is one result of climate change which is principally caused by the burning of fossil fuels - coal, oil and gas. The majority of the world's governments believe that climate change poses a threat to human society and to the natural world. In order to address this threat, the United Nations has sponsored several conferences including one held in Copenhagen in 2009. The Island President documentary tells the story of President Nasheed’s behind the scenes involvement in this conference.
More than 85 colleges and community groups across the country will participate in the screening of The Island President.
The event at KVCC is sponsored by the Arcadia Commons Cultural Committee (ACCU) and the Faculty Sustainability Committee.