New Class Schedule Planner Now Available



A new Class Schedule Planner is now available through the Kalamazoo Valley website. Students may access it here: Class Schedule Planner. The college is the fourth community college in the state to add this functionality to its website.

The page allows students to consider all variables when creating their class schedules. “You can put in all of the classes you’d like to take, plus your work schedule, break times or family obligations, and it will come up with all possible options,” explained Terry Hutchins, Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Vice President for Information Technology. “It creates class schedule options in a few seconds rather than hours it would take to do with pencil and paper.”

The site includes drop-down menus for courses that are full or open, the term or parts of term that classes are offered, and campus location. There are also links to tutorial videos on the page.

Hutchins said students may use the site either with counselors or on their own. Because some classes may close before a student accesses the registration system, it is important to select alternate schedule choices.

Hovering the computer’s mouse over the magnifier icon offers a quick view of the weekly grid to help quickly narrow down scheduling options.

Hutchins cautioned that the tool does not check to ensure that students have met course prerequisites or obtained special authorizations. Course requirements will be evaluated upon registration. After students select their schedule choices, they must then register for class. “It doesn’t automatically register students,” Hutchins said. “This is just a class scheduling planner.”