Tuition Rates for Fall 2014



At the monthly meeting on April 8, the Board of Trustees approved a $3 per contact hour tuition rate increase for in-district students.

Beginning with the upcoming fall semester – which begins Tuesday, September 2, – in-district students will pay $91 per contact hour, up from $88 per credit hour.

In addition, the Board approved fall semester tuition rate increases for students who are not in district. Students living in Michigan, but outside of the Kalamazoo Valley Community College district, will pay $156 per contact hour, up from $151 per credit hour. Out-of-state students will pay $211 per contact hour, up from $204 per credit hour.

The increased tuition rate will cost the average in-district student taking a full course load about $90 more a year. A full-year course load consists of about 30 credit hours. For such a student, the cost of tuition at Kalamazoo Valley will be approximately $2,790 per year, which includes a $30 per semester registration fee. The cost of certain contact hour intensive courses will be greater.

Despite the increase, the cost to attend Kalamazoo Valley remains the lowest in the region. According to their websites, listed below are the approximate costs of in-district tuition and fees for one academic year – consisting of 30 contact/credit hours of course work – at numerous colleges and universities in the region, excluding individual course and lab fees that may apply:
Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Fall 2014): $2,790
Kellogg Community College (Fall 2014): $3,285
Grand Rapids Community College (Fall 2014) $3,556
Glen Oaks Community College (Spring 2014) $3,684
Lake Michigan College (Spring 2014) $3,870
Southwestern Michigan College (Fall 2014) $4,650
Western Michigan University 2013-2014) $10,355
Grand Valley State University (2013-2014) $10,454
Davenport University (2013-2014) $17,535
Spring Arbor University (2013-2014) $23,400