New Drop-in Exercise Class



Outdoor Exercise is being added to the offerings for employees and students. This class will meet on Mondays at noon. There will be two instructors so you have a choice between intensity levels for your exercise. Both classes will take advantage of the warmer weather and the natural wooded and grassy areas of the Texas Township Campus. Participants will walk, run or jog for cardio benefits, stopping frequently to engage in resistance and flexibility exercises.

The class will be led by Sara Burhans (who has taught Zumba and the hoops class here) and Leigh Garrison (who learned about and taught the class in Japan).

The first class will meet at noon on Monday, May 6 in the gym lobby area and will begin with an introduction and information followed by some outdoor activities.

In mid to late May we will discuss some alterations to the schedule to accommodate the 30 minute lunch times for June, July and August.