Mountain Bike Donation Enhances Community Policing Abilities



A mountain bike donation from Breakaway Bikes is enabling Kalamazoo Valley Public Safety officers to assist students and staff in a new way. “It will get us out of the car and make us more approachable,” said Public Safety Officer Majida Beattie, who accepted the donation from Paul Wells of the Portage Breakaway Bikes shop.

In addition to the Trek 3500 mountain bike, Wells donated a tire pump, lock, spare tube and water bottle carrier. “I think this is a good thing to do,” Wells said of the donation. “They’ll be able to use it to patrol here, there and everywhere – including the trail at Al Sabo.”

Wells said the bike’s seat can be easily raised or lowered to accommodate multiple users. Beattie said the bike will enable officers to move quickly across campus, while becoming more approachable to students and staff. The savings in gas is an added benefit, she said.

Wells estimated the value of the donation at $600. Kenneth Colby, Director of Public Safety, said he appreciates Wells’ support of the college’s public safety department. “Adding bike patrol to our efforts will enhance our community policing abilities,” Colby said. “We’ll be more visible and it will be easier to interact with the campus community.”