Student Success Week

01/23/2012 to 01/26/2012 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Student Success Center and Learning Center,Texas Township Campus


Open House Student Success Center

January 23–24

Suite 9300
Tours, refreshments and snacks.

Where Am I Going and How Am I Getting There?
Monday, 11am – 12pm 

Student Commons Forum Room 4230
To encourage students to understand their natural bent toward a particular style of goal-setting and to use that 
style to develop short and long-term life goals.

Learn Success Strategies
Tuesday, 2pm – 3pm 

Student Commons Forum Room 4230

Kalamazoo Valley students will share stories of how 
they’ve been successful here at Valley. Students will 
walk away with success tips, resources, and 
encouragement for their own journey.

The 5th Annual 
Academic Skills Exp

Wednesday, January 25–26, 10am–6pm
Thursday, January 25–26, 10am–3pm
Learning Center Room 2220

Take this opportunity to practice study skills, find your 
learning style, and discover more about what the Learning Center can do for your success.