Reverse Transfer Agreement with GVSU



Officials from Grand Valley State University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College have signed a reverse transfer agreement that enables students to earn an associate degree by combining their Kalamazoo Valley credits with those earned at GVSU.

Under the agreement terms, transfer students who earned at least 45 credits at Kalamazoo Valley can apply for a retroactive associate degree using the credits earned at GVSU. It takes approximately 60 credits to earn an associate degree from Kalamazoo Valley.

According to Kalamazoo Valley officials, many students leave the school each year having earned 45 credits or more, but without earning enough for a degree. The new agreement allows them to combine credits earned at the two schools to add an important credential to their resume. That credential also can serve as a safeguard for students who may not complete their four-year degree before entering the work force.

Kalamazoo Valley also has a reverse transfer agreement with Western Michigan University. Agreements with other colleges are being pursued.