Kalamazoo Valley Museum’s Holiday Hands-On Happenings



The Kalamazoo Valley Museum’s Holiday Hands-On program, which runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 to 4, is based on the theme “This Belongs in a Museum!”

Museums collect, store, preserve, and teach about the past and present using artifacts, documents, and multi-media. Children who participate in these free hands-on sessions will be able to create a variety of objects that show change over time and can now be found in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

The December 31 theme is “Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?” Children will create watches, clocks, and other items used to measure time.

On January 1, the topic is “I’d Wear That!” Fashion comes and goes. Check out old-fashioned clothing, hats, and jewelry that you might wear today.

“What Does That Do?” will be explored on Jan. 2. Technology is constantly changing. Some gadgets will have you wondering what they were used for!

On January 3, the topic is “Look What I Found!” Treasures can be found in all kinds of places, like attics, barns… and museums. Create artifacts like those in safe-keeping at the KVM.

The final session, on January 4, is called “Secret Messages!” Diaries, pictures, and documents hold all kinds of secret information that can be used to tell a story. Decorate a diary and create pictures, postcards, letters, and more!

Admission to the Museum is free.

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is operated by Kalamazoo Valley Community College and is governed by its Board of Trustees.