Terry Galloway: Out All Night and Lost My Shoes

04/05/2013  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Texas Township Campus, Dale B. Lake Auditorium


Terry Galloway, Author of "Mean Little Deaf
Queer: A Memoir" (2010)

  Not quite blind as a bat, but definitely deaf as a doornail, Terry Galloway is the modern medical accident who asks tough questions in Out All Night and Lost My Shoes, one of the foundational texts in the history of disability performance. Her show is also one hour of pure, energetic theater that mixes poetry, storytelling, stand- up, New Vaudeville and plain old corny vaudeville in a charged, moving celebration of life – hers and that of all oddballs. 

The show is voice interpreted and is described as “mature kid friendly.” Tickets for adult admission are $15 at the door or $12 before March 28. The admission fee for children under 12 is $5. Students, deaf/HOH, and senior citizens over 65 pay $10 each. Tickets are available through the Kalamazoo Valley Community College bookstore at www.bookstore.kvcc.edu.