College President Marilyn Schlack's Announcement



Sept. 12, 2017

Dear Board Members,

I came to Kalamazoo Valley Community College to serve as an associate dean in 1974 and am proud to say that I have been part of the college’s remarkable past and I am equally excited about its promising future.

With the retirement of the founding president, Dale B. Lake, an important chapter in KVCC’s history came to a close. However, through the efforts of many, it was also a beginning. At its founding the college was seen as a catalyst for change in post-secondary education. It was charged with being a leader in serving a new and diverse student body. Its programs and operating principles have been on the cutting edge. This leadership charge from the Board of Trustees inspired new and profound educational opportunities for many individuals.

When considering some of our successes and initiatives that have taken shape over the years, it is most encouraging to view them as a sincere effort to help students succeed through better programs and services. These efforts have been inspired by the clear board direction that we must cater to non-traditional students, working adults with families, and young people wishing to learn while dealing with difficult circumstances. It has been KVCC’s commitment to building upon this philosophy that has established a tradition of caring.

I will always remember my personal and professional experiences at Kalamazoo Valley Community College with great respect and high regard for the Board of Trustees, the KVCC Foundation Board, the faculty, the staff, the cabinet (to which I owe so much), but especially the students who make it all real. I think I have a well-formed perspective on KVCC’s past successes, present-day workings, and future potential. At KVCC innovation and the pursuit of excellence are both an expectation and a tradition. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to be part of this journey.

But now it is time for me and for KVCC to seek new opportunities. Therefore, I am informing the Board of my intention to leave. With our past and current initiatives, I am confident that the institution has an even brighter future. Thank you for your support and caring during these past decades.

With sincere best wishes,

Marilyn Schlack

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