Students Find Four-Year Degrees Through University Center Partnerships



On Kalamazoo Valley’s campus, there are students on their way to a bachelor’s degree. And they are not just taking a few classes to supplement another college’s program of study. Students can now achieve a four-year degree without ever leaving Valley’s campus with new streamlined programs at the University Center.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Davenport University and Siena Heights University, students can now quickly and cost effectively work toward a bachelor’s degree at Kalamazoo Valley.

Since 2016, the University Center has been helping Kalamazoo Valley students find ways to complete a four-year degree, and for many programs, it can be done completely from the Texas Township Campus. Located just inside the tower entrance, the University Center, Room 1510, houses staff from Davenport University and Siena Heights University who are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals.

Ashley Ziegler the assistant director of graduate and professional enrollment for Siena Heights University and Kathy Stewart the campus director for Davenport University are eager to meet with students. “We have an open-door policy, we want everyone to feel welcome,” Ziegler said. Interested students are encouraged to stop in to talk to one of them as soon as they can. “Some students think they need to have an associate degree before they can even make an appointment,” Stewart said. “The sooner students come to talk to us the better.” The staff at the University Center wants to help guide students through their degree from Valley as well as their future degrees to make sure that they are on track to getting their bachelor’s as soon as possible.

The process is referred to as the 3+1 transfer model. Students complete a two-year AA, AS, or AAS degree from Kalamazoo Valley. After graduating with the two-year degree, a third year of study can be completed at Valley while enrolling in a bachelor’s program through Davenport or Siena Heights. From there, students have many options for finishing their bachelor’s degree, including in-person classes on Kalamazoo Valley’s campus. “Our programs can fit almost all schedules and learning styles,” Ziegler said. Both universities have online, and in-person classes in a variety of different fields.

“The most satisfying part of my job is helping students build confidence and evolve into a career-ready graduate,” Stewart explained. She loves to hear great news of past students that she has known find employment within their area of study.

Derek DeLange has been a student at Kalamazoo Valley since 2012 and decided to enroll at Davenport in 2016 to study business management and administration. “One of the benefits I receive by going to Davenport through the University Center is the discounted tuition. I pay everything out of pocket with no financial aid. Graduating with no debt is a big goal of mine,” DeLange explained. “The University Center has helped me get that much closer to having my degree and getting an internship.”

For people like Kim Petrucci, a Kalamazoo Valley and Siena Heights student, the program made all the difference. “As a non-traditional student, I can finally reach my educational goal without having to relocate, worry about transportation to class, or suffer any stress or confusion from an academic setting that might be larger than I wish to handle,” Petrucci said. “It is truly a blessing and a bonus that I can experience the positivity of taking interesting, accredited classes, taught by quality instructors, and I can do all of this while attending classes, one or two evenings a week.”

Petrucci’s major is Community and Human Services with a concentration in Family Systems. She is extremely excited to achieve her goal of graduation, which is expected to happen in May or August of 2019. “Ashley has been an important, vital part of my Siena Heights enrollment, registration, and degree-planning process,” Petrucci said.

Both universities have a mix of traditional and non-traditional students, and no one path is the same for any of them. The University Center strives to help anyone with an academic dream. “I measure my own success based on our students’ success,” Ziegler said.

For more information visit The University Center in Room 1510, Texas Township Campus or or

Many different offerings are available.

DAVENPORT UNIVERSITY will provide the following programs through the University Center:

* Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting
* Bachelor of Business Administration, Business
* Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resource Management
* Bachelor of Business Administration, Management
* Bachelor of Science, Medical Case Management
* Bachelor of Science, Concurrent Nursing

SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY will provide the following programs through the University Center:

* Bachelor of Applied Science (Allied Health, Public Safety, Technical Fields, and Trades/Apprenticeships)
* Bachelor of Arts, Community & Human Services
* Bachelor of Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies
* Bachelor of Arts, Professional Communication