Automotive Department Hosts Spring Open House


The Automotive Department at Kalamazoo Valley will be ending the spring semester by hosting an open house on Friday, April 27 from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Kalamazoo Valley Texas Township campus behind the auto labs. Cars, bikes, and motorcycles will be on display. Attendees will be able to meet some of the future professionals of the automotive community, have lunch, tour the labs, and meet with prospective employers.

“Events like this are a way for us to further strengthen the connections between our employers, our current and future students, and the automotive community as a whole,” said Automotive Department Chair Douglas Martin.

This event is a great opportunity for students to see the automotive labs and other trades programs offered at Kalamazoo Valley, for employers looking for techs to show opportunities in their businesses, for past and current students to show their pride in their program, and for clubs and supporters to come out, show off their stuff, and see the opportunities provided here at Kalamazoo Valley, Martin said.

“This gives us the opportunity to get interested students on our campus, in our labs, and lets them see the different paths that we offer in automotive service. It also allows other trades programs here on Kalamazoo Valley’s campus to offer tours and program information to students that are technically minded. It is a great way to get students in the doors that want a career in the technologies, and at the same time, gives us a chance to celebrate the achievements of our current and past students,” Martin said. “There has never been a time where the automotive service professional has been in higher demand. Dealers, repair facilities, parts houses, and engineering groups are very eager to show the students what their businesses can offer for a good high paying career.”

This article was posted on 04/06/2018.