Annual Board Planning Cycle

Board Policy 105

To accomplish its job outputs with a governance style consistent with Board policies, the Board will follow an annual agenda which a) completes a re-exploration of Ends policies annually, and b) continually improves its performance through attention to Board education and to enriched input and deliberation.

  1. The cycle will conclude each year on the last day of the month of September so that administrative budgeting can be based on accomplishing a one-year segment of the most recent Board long-range vision. For the first two months of the cycle, the Board will develop its agenda for the ensuing one-year period.
  2. Education, input and deliberation will receive paramount attention in structuring the series of meetings and other Board activities during the year. To the extent feasible, the Board will identify those areas of education and input needed to increase the level of wisdom and forethought it can give to subsequent choices.
  3. The annual planning session will be held no later than September with the following agenda:
    1. Review the Institution's mission.
    2. Establish budget priorities for the following fiscal year.
    3. Identification of subjects for Board discussion and action during the following fiscal year.
    4. Review and adjust monitoring criteria.
  4. Following review of projected revenues and expenses, the Institution's budget will be approved by the Board each May.