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BP 307

As authorized by the State of Michigan Community College Act, the Board of Trustees of Kalamazoo Valley Community College has sole authority to establish and collect tuition and fees for the Institution. As this authority cannot be delegated, the President may not enter into any agreements or authorize any waivers that do not fall into the following categories:

  1. Waiver of Tuition for Students Who are Sixty Years of Age or Older
  2. The President shall not fail to develop a policy for granting tuition waivers to in-district students who are 60 years of age or older, meet the admission requirements of the Institution, and subject to the following limitation:

    1. Such waiver shall not apply to any fees associated with individual courses; and
    2. Students applying for tuition waivers will be authorized to register for and attend classes on a "seats available basis" one week prior to the start of classes.

  3. Special Business Tuition Rate
  4. In that the Board of Trustees desires to provide the benefit of in-district tuition rates for qualified in-district employers representing businesses, non-profit agencies or governmental organizations who request a tuition discount, grant, scholarship, or adjustment for their respective out-of-district employees, the President shall not fail to develop a policy for granting such benefit subject to the following or other limitations as deemed necessary and appropriate by the President:

    1. The employer must own property or operate a facility located within the Kalamazoo Valley Community College district;
    2. The policy shall provide the benefit of in-district resident tuition rates for all eligible employees of the requesting organization;
    3. The policy shall state that the employer shall be responsible for the tuition or other educational expenses for its employees and that tuition shall not be refunded to an individual without written authorization of the contracting party; and
    4. The policy shall not include nor provide for any tuition waivers.

  5. Discount for Members of the Michigan National Guard
  6. The President shall not fail to develop a policy to provide for a 25 percent discount of tuition for in-district students who are members of the Michigan Air and Army National Guard.

  7. Indian Tuition Waiver
  8. The President shall not fail to develop a policy to ensure compliance with State Act 174 of 1976 requiring the College to provide tuition waivers for any North American Indian, within specific limitations as dictated by State law.

Date Adopted:     December 12, 2000
Date Modified:     September 11, 2007

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