Open Access

Board Policy 403

A quantitative report detailing the Institution's open access shall be provided for the following categories:

  1. Student Enrollment and Characteristics
  2. Demographics of credit students who enroll each fall semester. Shows total number enrolled and percentage of full-time/part-time status, sex, new or returning status, program type, residence status, total credit hours, age, race and enrollment by student category, high school attended, highest level of education, and curriculum. Trends over a five-year time line.

  3. Financial Aid
  4. Summary report each fiscal year showing financial aid applicants, recipients, and dollars expended. The report will include information about financial aid types -- grants, loans, scholarships, and work -- and their funding sources. Show trends over a five-year time line.

  5. Affordable Tuition and Fees
  6. Shows tuition and fees charged each fall to in-district, out-of-district and out-of-state students in relation to comparable Michigan community colleges and to local institutions. Trends over a five-year time line.

  7. Student Access to KVCC Services
  8. Documents how students, upon admittance to KVCC, have access to the broad range of services offered by the College such as tutoring and other aids.