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As a supervisor or manager you are the most important source of recognition to your employees. When recognized for doing their best, employees feel appreciated, empowered, and inspired to do more. Consequently, positive recognition for "best practice" behaviors and actions is vital to individual and organizational success, and it's in your hands!

The Institution encourages and supports this key aspect of your role as manager with tools and ideas on this Recognition website. And now, you are receiving additional support with a "bank account" to use as you think best to get the most "recognition" bang for your buck. Whether it's a group activity or making small individual purchases throughout the year, the choice is yours. As manager, you know your people best.

The basic business process for using your Manager Recognition Bank is outlined below, which is the same as any other financial transaction within the institution. For more information see the Procurement and Cash Disbursement Manual.

The amount in your Recognition Bank is based on the number of full-time employees reporting directly to you at the beginning of the fiscal year. You "draw" on your account by purchasing recognition items or activities and turning in the receipts with either a Petty Cash slip (up to $50) at the Pay Station (TTC) or Front Office (AWH for ACC). Receipts over $50 must be submitted with an Internal Claim Voucher for reimbursement by check within 10-15 days.