Minors on Campus Policy

Minors on Campus Policy

To preserve the academic atmosphere of the College and in order to not disrupt the teaching/learning activities associated with the College, children under the age of 16 (“children”) are not permitted on college property unless: (a) accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult; or (b) enrolled in a KVCC sponsored or sanctioned class or program.

The presence of children on college property will be further subject to the following rules and guidelines:

Classrooms and Other Learning Centers

Presence of children in classrooms, laboratories, testing centers, and other locations dedicated to instructional-related activities (“learning-related activities”) is restricted to enrolled students or visitors who are present for a purpose related to the learning-activities and then only if approved in advance by the instructor or supervisor or the learning-related activities.

Other Locations

Subject to the “supervision of children” requirement above, visitation by children on college property that is unrelated to the learning-related activities such as administrative or faculty offices or cafeterias is allowed subject to the following:

  • The duration of any such visit will not exceed one (1) hour on any given day.
  • Subject to the prior approval of an employee’s supervisor, the duration of visit on any given day by the child of an employee may be allowed due to a temporary unforeseen emergency arising on that day; provided, however, that during the duration of the visit a parent, guardian or other responsible adult must supervise and remain present with the child.
  • Children aged seven and older may visit the Kalamazoo Valley Museum subject to the rules of behavior posted in the Museum and policies of the College.

Children are not allowed on College property in the following situations:

  • As an alternative to childcare provisions, including infant care or childcare during summers and holidays.
  • Where illness or other conditions preclude attendance at childcare, school or other facilities or programs.
  • Where the presence of a child may interfere with any of the operations of the College.

Campus Grounds and Facilities

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children's behavior and safety while on college property and will be held responsible for damage to college property caused by their children.

College Child Activity Waiver

The attached Kalamazoo Valley Community College Child Activity Wavier will be used for college sponsored activities that involve underage participants.