50th Anniversary

Sustainable Moves Committee | Green Roof

Also referred to as a live, living, or eco-roof, the first 660 square foot green roof was installed over the student computer lab wing in 2008. The plantings include several varieties of sedum and their containers are composed of 100 percent recycled polypropylene. The 2010 construction of the Student Success Center and Student Services wing included an additional 6,100 square foot of green roof. The space also provides a green view for the second floor office windows located along the first floor roof.

Why a green roof? With urban development and the various impervious surfaces created by it, the mitigation of storm water runoff is a major move toward environmental stewardship. The green roof's slower absorption and subsequent release of storm water deters the rapid runoff of contaminants into our rivers and drinking water systems and help prevent soil erosion. Green roofs offer insulation benefits that result in energy savings.

A green roof generally has a longer life than traditional roofing methods, as the component materials do not deteriorate as quickly as conventional roofing systems.

If you would like to be a part of this important committee please contact Ted at 269-488-4284 or e-mail him