Sustainable Moves Committee | Double-sided Printing

Producing paper takes a tremendous toll on the environment. Clear-cutting trees destroys ecosystems for many plants and animals, thereby reducing biodiversity. Milling the wood uses enormous quantities of energy and water, resulting in higher values of greenhouse gases not only due to burning fuels, but because the cut trees can no longer absorb CO2. All of these consequences mean we should strive to use less paper whenever possible.

Why double sided printing? Whether at work, school, or elsewhere, printing on both sides of paper ensures that you cut your paper use nearly in half. Choosing to double-side when printing can reduce paper use by nearly 50 percent. Trees are the obvious savings, but expenses are also reduced for paper purchases, storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal, and recycling.

Double-sided printing

The average American goes through hundreds of pounds of paper each year.

The average office worker uses 1.5 pounds of paper every day!

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