Sustainable Moves Committee | Campus Tree Committee

KVCC's commitment to sustainability continues with the formulation of the Campus Tree Committee. The college's adoption of a "two-for-one" policy means that every time a tree is removed from campus for any reason, two more are planted on campus to replace it. In recent months, 15 trees have been planted around the Texas Township campus.

Why a Campus Tree Committee? Each time a tree is saved, so is an oxygen generator. Trees bring a multitude of benefits ranging from decreased air pollution, storm water runoff and extreme temperature days to increased property values, carbon sequestration and quality of life.

Tree Committee

Healthy urban forests are important because the trees filter air, water, and sunlight; provide shelter to animals; and provide recreational areas for people. Trees moderate the local climate by consuming harmful emissions and releasing oxygen. Trees also shade homes and businesses to conserve energy.

If you would like to be a part of this important committee please contact Ted at 269-488-4284 or e-mail him