Testing Center Online Drop-Off Form

Testing Center Online Drop-Off Form

Tests will be available to students after one business day.
For expedited processing, please call the Testing Center:
488-4460 (TTC) — 373-7836 (ACC)

Cutoff Date/Time:
# of initial copies required:
If more than 12 copies are needed, please use Printing
Services and bring exams directly to the Testing Center.
Reprint as needed
Every effort will be made to
limit paper consumption and
subsequent billing
Select a file to be uploaded:

Check any items which are ALLOWED

If left unchecked, students will be forbidden to use it.

Calculator permitted:
Scrap paper permitted:
Open book:
Open note:
Extra reference materials:
e.g. 3x5 card, formula sheet, etc.
Extra material provided by:
Extra material, if attachment:

Optional: Standardized Test Form ONLY
We will provide Scantrons, ParScores, or lined paper.
Scantron test
ParScore test
Blue Book test We do not provide Blue Books
Lined paper required

Reuse test printout for multiple students
Students cannot write on test printout
Desired location availability:
Please note: an equal number of tests will be printed
at each testing location, and departments will be
charged appropriately

I acknowledge that any item above with an unmarked checkbox will not be permitted by students. Once your initial copies are depleted, and if Reprint As Needed was not checked, we will not print additional tests without written permission from you. We cannot administer a test which has passed its cutoff date without written permission from you. Tests are printed at standard office photocopier rates, black & white, and are charged to the appropriate department. Changes or corrections can always be made by phone, email, or in person.

I accept the above terms
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